Conference papers 2002

This page lists the publications in conference proceedings written by members of our group in 2002.

G.Barraud, P.Pierret and L.J.M.Rothkrantz A multimodal LEGO robot GAME-ON 2002
R.ter Borg and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Graphed evolutionary computing JCIS 2002
Y.F.Cheung, D.Klakow, G.Bauer and L.J.M.Rothkrantz BITS: Broadcast Information Topic Segmentation BNAIC 2002
P.A.M.Ehlert, Q.M.Mouthaan, L.J.M.Rothkrantz Recognising situations in a flight simulator environment GAME-ON 2002
J.Kubalík, L.J.M.Rothkrantz and J.Lazansky Genetic algorithm with limited convergence JCIS 2002
M.Pantic and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Facial gesture recognition in face image sequences: A study on facial gestures typical for speech articulation SMC 2002
M.Pantic Facial gesture recognition from static dual-view face images (abstract) MB 2002
M.Pantic, I.Patras and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Facial action recognition in face profile image sequences ICME 2002
R.M.Schaar, L.J.M.Rothkrantz, M.Lassche and M.V.Jonkers Agent-based intelligent personal unified messaging BNAIC 2002
W.Stoutjesdijk and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Webtrust: agent platform for identifying trustworthy commercial websites EuroMedia 2002
P.Wiggers and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Integration of speech recognition and automatic lip-reading TSD 2002
P.Wiggers, J.C.Wojdel and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Development of a speech recognizer for the Dutch language EuroMedia 2002
P.Wiggers, J.C.Wojdel and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Medium vocabulary continuous audio-visual speech recognition ICSLP 2002
J.C.Wojdel, P.Wiggers and L.J.M.Rothkrantz An audio-visual corpus for multimodal speech recognition in Dutch language ICSLP 2002
C.K.Yang and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Knowledge based speech interfacing for handhelds TSD 2002
C.K.Yang and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Knowledge based speech interfacing in the SWAMP project EuroMedia 2002
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