Journal articles

This page lists the contributions that members of our group have made to journals in recent years.

M.Pantic and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Towards an affect-sensitive multimodal human-computer interaction Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol.91, No.9
M.Pantic and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Machine understanding of facial expression of pain International Journal on Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Vol.25, No.4

J.M.P.van Waveren and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Artificial player for Quake III arena International Journal of Intelligent Games & Simulation (IJIGS), Vol.1, No.1

J.Jarmulak, E.J.H.Kerckhoffs and P.P.van't Veen Case-based reasoning for interpretation of data from non-destructive testing Engineering Applications of AI; The Int. Jrnl of Intelligent Real-Time Automation, Vol.14, No.4

M.Pantic and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Automatic analysis of facial expressions: the state of the art IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Vol.22, No.12
M.Pantic and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Expert system for automatic analysis of facial expression Image and Vision Computing Journal Vol.18, No.11
J.A.C.Verhoeye, F.M.B.van Coillie, D.J.H.Nishimura, Wulf and E.J.H.Kerckhoffs Sub-pixel classification of the Sahelian wetlands environment South African Journal of Surveying and Geo-information, Vol.1, No.5 & 6

F.M.B. van Coillie, R.R. de Wulf and E.J.H. Kerckhoffs Comparative tropical land cover classification of optical landsat TM data using statistical and artificial neural network techniques South African Journal of Surveying and Geo-Information, Vol.1, No.2
J.Jarmulak, P.P.van't Veen and E.J.H.Kerckhoffs Use of case-based reasoning for interpretation of data from NDT INSIGHT, Vol.41, No.10,

J.Jarmulak and E.J.H.Kerckhoffs An experimentation environment for neural control of simulated systems Simulation Practice and Theory; Int. Journal of the Fed. of ESS, Vol.5
J.Jarmulak, P.Spronck and E.J.H.Kerckhoffs Neural Networks in process control: model-based and reinforcement trained controllers Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Vol 18
R.Schoonerwoerd, O.Holland, J.Bruten and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Load balancing in telecommunication networks Adaptive behaviour Vol.5, No.2,

A.Fekken, D.Hilhorst, E.J.H.Kerckhoffs and P.R.Water Parallel computer algebra on Poisson series Simulation Practice and Theory; Int. Journal of the Fed. of ESS, Vol.4
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