Artificial player for Quake III arena

title: Artificial player for Quake III arena
author(s): Jean-Paul van Waveren and Leon Rothkrantz
published in: March 2002
appeared in: International Journal of Intelligent Games & Simulation (IJIGS), Vol.1, No.1
Gough, N.E. and Mehdi, Q.H. (Eds.)
pages: 25-32
publisher: University of Wolverhampton and SCS Europe


In this paper the Quake III Arena bot is presented The bot is an intelligent artificial player that “lives” side by side with the game program. To show human-like behaviour a wide range of technologies and common sense solutions are used for the bot AI. It is the first commercially developed artificial player that uses fully automated path and route finding without the need to acquire knowledge about routing and navigation during gameplay. The bot uses a cognitive model that maes it resource efficient.

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