Conference papers 1999 and earlier

This page lists some of the publications in conference proceedings written by members of our group until 1999.

B.D.Netten Verification of case-base integrity in BRIDGE GWCBR'99
M.Pantic and L.J.M.Rothkrantz An expert system for multiple emotional classification of facial expression ICTAI'99
B.Raducanu, M.Pantic, L.JM.Rothkrantz and M.Grana Automatic eyebrow tracking using boundary chain code ASCI'99
B.Vromans, R.J.van Vark, B.Rueber and A.Kellner Extending the SUSI system with negative knowledge EUROSPEECH'99
A.Wojdel, J.C.Wojdel and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Dual-view recognition of emotional facial expressions ASCI'99
J.C.Wojdel, A.Wojdel and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Analysis of facial expressions based on silhouettes ASCI'99

M.Pantic, A.Djordjevic, L.J.M.Rothkrantz and H.Koppelaar Computer assisted study planning EUROMEDIA'98
M.Pantic and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Automated facial expression analysis ASCI'98
M.Pantic and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Automated facial expression analysis ASCI'98
M.Pantic, L.J.M.Rothkrantz and H.Koppelaar Automation of non-verbal communication of facial expressions EUROMEDIA'98
J.C.Wojdel and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Mixed fuzzy-system and artificial neural network approach to the automated recognition of mouth expressions ICANN'98
J.C.Wojdel, L.J.M.Rothkrantz and P.S.Szczepaniak Gradient based approach to mouth shape recognition ASCI'98

B.D.Netten and R.A.Vingerhoeds Structural adaptation by case combination in EADOCS GWCBR'97
M.Pantic and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Automatic recognition of facial expressions and human emotions ASCI'97
M.M.M.Rats, R.J.van Vark and Vreught Corpus-based information presentation for a spoken public transport information system ACL-97
L.J.M.Rothkrantz, W.A.Th.Manintveld, M.M.M.Rats, R.J.van Vark, Vreught and H.Koppelaar An appreciation study of an ASR inquiry system EUROSPEECH'97
L.J.M.Rothkrantz, R.J.van Vark, Vreught and V.Broz Simulation studies in the distribution of gas flow ESS'97
L.J.M.Rothkrantz, R.J.van Vark, Vreught and E.J.H.Kerckhoffs Simulation in automated speech processing systems ESS'97
L.J.M.Rothkrantz, R.J.van Vark and H.Koppelaar Corpus-based test system for an automated speech processing system SALT-97
L.J.M.Rothkrantz, R.J.van Vark, Vreught and S.Kruger The simulation of a human operator by an ASP system ESS-97
R.J.van Vark, Vreught and L.J.M.Rothkrantz An automated speech processing system for public transport information services ICIE97

B.D.Netten and R.A.Vingerhoeds Incremental adaptation for conceptual design in EADOCS ICAI96
L.J.M.Rothkrantz, R.J.van Vark, A.J.S.I.K.Bos and D.J.A.Pauw An educational site on the world wide web EUROMEDIA'96
R.J.van Vark, Vreught and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Simulation and recognition of information dialogues using markov models ESS'96
P.Szczepaniak and J.C.Wojdel Generating fractals with hopfield neural network NEURAPP'96
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