Conference papers 2003

This page lists the publications in conference proceedings written by members of our group in 2003.

P.A.M.Ehlert, Q.M.Mouthaan and L.J.M.Rothkrantz A rule-based and a probabilistic system for situation recognition in a flight simulator GAME-ON 2003
R.Kroon and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Dynamic vehicle routing using an ABC-algorithm BNAIC 2003
J.Kubalík, J.Koutník and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Grammatical evolution with bidirectional representation EuroGP 2003
A.B.Meijer and H.Koppelaar Towards multi-objective game theory - with application to Go GAME-ON 2003
Q.M.Mouthaan, P.A.M.Ehlert and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Situation recognition as a step to an intelligent situation-aware crew assistant system BNAIC 2003
F.Ouwendijk, H.Koppelaar, R.ter Borg and T.van den Berg Wind energy production forecasting BNAIC 2003
L.J.M.Rothkrantz, B.Tatomir and L.Porzio Robot rescue: a rescue service based on dynamic routing GAME-ON 2003
P.Wiggers and L.J.M.Rothkrantz Improving speech recognition by utilizing domain knowledge and confidence measures TSD 2003
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