AIBO as an Intelligent Robot Watchdog

title: AIBO as an Intelligent Robot Watchdog
author: Bou Tsing Hau
published in: 2006
appeared as: Master of Science thesis
Man-machine interaction group
Delft University of Technology
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By the rapid advancement of the technology it is nowadays possible to secure the home environment. Static cameras are installed at many places, mounted at the ceiling, to safeguard its environment. The automated panning cameras which are able to turn itself around its axes can monitor a larger area around itself. Since the growing interest of research on image processing, cameras are now also able to recognize moving objects and follow them. The object recognition possibilities of cameras are advancing in a rapid pace, but the problem with static cameras is its limited range. Occluded objects can not be detected by the static cameras. A camera which is able to move around the environment can observe better and more in detail than a static one. The Sony AIBO robot dog which is able to move itself around freely is a very popular research robot around the world. This Sony AIBO robot has a built-in camera and other modalities which make this robot dog a good approach to free the limitations of the static cameras. This project, AIBO watchdog, has developed a Sony AIBO robot dog to safeguard the home environment. By its camera and microphone evidences can be saved and by using its wireless connection the evidences can be transferred to the right person or instances immediately.
The concept of an AIBO watchdog is not new. The author has developed the AIBO watchdog from the point that the predecessor, Silvia Oana Tanase, has left behind. This predecessor only shows the global working of the AIBO watchdog. It lacks of a good fundament which we can use to build the complete one. Therefore it was required to develop a new architecture which has an expansion option to add or replace certain functionalities. The developed AIBO watchdog is intelligent enough to see related events during its patrolling and navigate in the home environment. Furthermore AIBO is able to protect itself from damages during patrolling and carry out appropriate reactions in most situations. To increase its intelligence we have given the AIBO watchdog abilities to prioritize events and use the tools that it has encountered before. The intelligence has been encapsulated in the reasoning system of the AIBO watchdog.

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