Neural flight control autopilot system

title: Neural flight control autopilot system
author: Qiuxia Liang
published in: August 2004
appeared as: Master of Science thesis
Knowledge Based Systems group
Delft University of Technology
also appeared as: Technical Report DKS04-04/ ICE 09
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Nowadays as the need for automatic vehicle control grows, more and more researches have been done in this field, and different approaches have been adopted to design a controller system. The aim of this project is to design and implement a neural flight control system handling the basic flight behaviors of an airplane in a computer simulation environment.
The whole system is divided into 3 modules, the Graphic User Interface module, the Flight Planning Module and the Neural Controller Module. The GUI module will accept the flight order from the user. The Neural Controller Module is used to provide the adaptive flight control. The Flight Planning Module is working in the higher level to manage the global control in this autopilot system.
The results demonstrate that this neural flight control system is able to control the airplane, Cessna 172, to take off, fly up and to fly down, and the airplane under control is flying stably.

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