Ant Net for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

title: Ant Net for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
author: Stefania Popovici
published in: November 2004
appeared as: Bachelor of Science thesis
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In this thesis, we address the problem of implementing AntNet to a network topology where the nodes can move. AntNet is made for fixed network and could not work with the mobile nodes. In order to apply AntNet in this environment, we adjusted the activities of the artificial ants in such a way that they can function in a network with mobile nodes. The dynamic network topology required also changes in the model of nodes. This resulted in a dynamic node model and the introduction of a new buffer. Finally, AntNet and the collection of our adjustment resulted into Mobile AntNet. Mobile AntNet is tested on a software tool AntNet for Ad-hoc network, which is the Java version of Ant Simulator developed by Bogdan Tatomir. The purpose of this conversion to Java is to make the software work on PDAs.

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