A communication layer for distributed decision making

title: A communication layer for distributed decision making
author: Joost L. Boehlé
published in: Juni 2004
appeared as: Bachelor of Science thesis
Rotterdam University
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A driver travelling from point A to B in a city constantly gathers valuable information about the environment and traffic conditions. This information remains with the driver and therefore precious information that in theory could be useful to other drivers is lost. By equipping automobiles with a PDA drivers are able, with the use of those PDA’s, to form mobile ad-hoc communication networks, which enables them to exchange information.
This thesis addresses the problems related to creating and maintaining a dynamic wireless ad hoc network in a city street network. It discusses a simulation environment that simulates the creation, operation and maintenance of a dynamic wireless ad hoc network. The simulation should allow the users to exchange messages and files between one or multiple nodes present in the city street network in order to evade traffic jams and hazardous situations or to warn emergency services.
The conclusions drawn from this report indicate the simulation environment is able simulate the workings of a wireless mobile ad hoc network in a realistic way although some hardware limitations prevent the simulation form simulating more than thirty concurrently active nodes.

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