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The ICE Project T.U. Delft, The Nederlands




·        General informations on the project

·        The distribution of the project

-         How to download it

-         How to make it run

·        The main purpose of the project

·        The project modules specifications

·        The advantage of a server type module

-         The reason of including the server

-         Hidden connections.The data flux over the TELNET

-         Specific tasks to accomplish.Blackboard

·        Reasoning the use of a rule based system

·        How can contexts be built for analysing.Flight Gear Context Modeler

-         Overview

-         An implementation of a simple interpretor

-         The set of commands

-         The diagram maker

-         Storing the already developed contexts

·        The analyse techniques.The Flight Gear Client

          -   Overview

-         Loading an already developed fly context

-         Hidden connections.

-         The blackboard

·        The “text-to-speech” mechanism

·        Advantages, disadvantages, further improvements



The ICE Project

Student Datcu Dragos T.U. Delft, The Nederlands 2003, January