Collaborative Robot Agents

title: Collaborative Robot Agents
author: Evert Daman
published in: September 2008
appeared as: Master of Science thesis
Man-machine interaction group
Delft University of Technology
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In computer science, a software agent is a piece of software that acts for an user or other program in a relationship of agency. Such `acting on behalf of' implies the authority to decide which (and if) action is appropriate. The idea is that agents are not strictly invoked for a task, but activate themselves.
Multi-agent systems can be used to solve problems which are difficult or impossible for an individual agent or monolithic system to solve. Examples of problems which are appropriate to multi-agent systems research include online trading, disaster response, and modeling social structures.[1] They have been successfully applied in domain areas like entertainment, computer games, air-traffic control, air combat, personal assistants, load-balancing, logistics, mining large (distributed) datasets in astronomy or transportation, finance, geographic information systems as well as in many other fields. Multi-agent systems are widely being advocated to be used in networking and mobile technologies, to achieve automatic and dynamic load balancing, high scalability, and self healing networks.
The research objective described in this thesis is the design and development of a system of collaborative agents, applied to AIBO. Collaboration methods must be investigated in detail and a protocol that can be used on the AIBO should be developed. The software should work in an ad-hoc wifi network with clients that can connect and disconnect at all times. Data can then be shared between the clients (AIBOs) so that they can determine the right objectives for themselves and fine-tune their actions with the others.
The application that this thesis primarily focuses on is the `Four-Legged Robot Soccer League'. Therefore the robots should stay autonomous, since the rules of the RoboCup soccer game clearly states that the use of a central controller PC is forbidden.

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