TICS:A Topology based Infrastructure for Crisis Situations

title: TICS:A Topology based Infrastructure for Crisis Situations
author: Paul Klapwijk
published in: September 2005
appeared as: Master of Science thesis
Man-machine interaction group
Delft University of Technology
PDF (5142 KB)


After the event of a crisis, rescue workers therefore have to be able to do their work in a dynamic and dangerous environment, with all means available. In these situations it has turned out that on a local and global level, the communication between rescue workers is sometimes a problem. The approach described in this thesis work aims at facilitating the communication for the rescue workers and offering them services if needed. The approach aims at providing services in the network, by dynamically assigning tasks to nodes in the network. Besides the place in the network, the (distributed) decision where a tasks is to be executed, is based on performance measures of the nodes. These are integrated in one value, that is used as a decision criteria. Besides assigning tasks to the best node at hand, the system offers more functionalities with respect to fault tolerance, in the form of replication and monitoring of other nodes.

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