Multi-agent Stratego

title: Multi-agent Stratego
author: Caspar Treijtel
published in: October 2000
appeared as: Master of Science thesis
Delft University of Technology
pages: 108
Postscript (777 KB)


The field of multi-agent systems is an active area of research. One of the possible applications of a multi-agent system is the use of distributed techniques for problem solving. Instead of approaching the problem from a central point of view, a multi-agent system can impose a new mode of reasoning by breaking the problem down in a totally different way.
In this report we investigate a distributed approach to playing Stratego. The individual pieces of the Stratego army are represented by computational agents that each have their own field of perception, evaluation and behavior. A first prototype of a framework has been built that consists of a simulation environment for the agents and an implementation of the agents evaluation function. The agents have a rule engine that generates behavior that is a resultant of the environment in which they live. This report presents a result of playing the game using agents against a human player.

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