Determining user interface semantics using agents

title: Determining user interface semantics using agents
author: Lein Ton
published in: October 2000
appeared as: Master of Science thesis
Delft University of Technology
pages: 120
Postscript (978 KB)


Information systems are often available independent of where a user is and what time it is. Remote access to such information services, independent of time and location, is often facilitated by information providers through offering their service via the Internet. Well known examples of such services are rail travel planners.
This thesis describes an agent based approach to deal with issues that rise from the differences between user interfaces to information systems. Among such issues are the excessive time users need to spend on learning to interact with functionally similar systems with different interfaces, but also integration of related services.
The approach yields agents that interact with user interfaces to extract the model of the underlying information system. The interaction agents are capable of independently and robustly querying the information system without explicit instructions.

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