Dialogue Control in the Alparon System

title: Dialogue Control in the Alparon System
author: Niels Andeweg
published in: 1999
appeared as: Master of Science thesis
Delft University of Technology
pages: 198
Postscript (353 KB)


This report describes the dialogue control component of the Alparon system. The Alparon system is an automatic speech processing system for information retrieval and transaction services. Work within the Alparon group is focussed on dialogue management. The dialogue control component is part of the dialogue manager and is responsible for structuring the dialogue and generation of the system responses.

Information retrieval dialogues are task-oriented, the dialogues are goal directed. A plan-based approach is used to control the dialogue. A goal structure is developed which should control the dialogue.

Dialogue control is implemented using two processing modules and a blackboard. The dialogue updating module updates the goal structure after every dialogue turn of the user. The response generation module generates a response based on the modified goal structure. And the control board stores all the information concerning dialogue control. These components together form the framework for dialogue control. This framework is an engine, where the exact operation of the engine can be specified by separately defined rulesets. These rulesets define the actual strategies for dialogue control.

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