Talk McDrive
An ASP Application

title: Talk McDrive; an ASP Application
authors: F. Mohamed-Hoesein & A. Shirzad
published in: July 1998
appeared as: Master of Science thesis
Delft University of Technology
pages: 78


The general purpose of this work is to study and design a speech recogniser and research whether it is possible to replace a human operator by an automated system in a specific application.

McDrive restaurants have the reputation of being the number one fast food chain restaurants all around the world. To stay the number one fast food restaurants and to maximise their profits, McDrive wants to use speech recognition in its operation. Because human operators are in fact very expensive, McDrive restaurants want to replace its operators or add automated systems to their work.

The development of our system has a 'corpus-based' approach. We have recorded human-human dialogues in a McDrive restaurant. Next we have constructed some tools to analyse these dialogues to derive the 'most frequent word combinations'. Using these word combinations we have designed a dialogue model that simulates the human-human dialogues. Finally we have developed a prototype for an automated systen in a C++ environment that uses the speech recognition engine of Lernout & Hauspie. The underlying models, the design and implementation of the system and the results of testing are describe further in this thesis.

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