Serious Gaming

title: Serious Gaming
author: Stephanie Rowlinson
published in: June, 2007
appeared as: Bachelor of Science thesis
Knowledge Based Systems group
Delft University of Technology
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This paper is a report of the assignment given to me during my internship at the TU Delft. The assignment was to: 1) research different game engines 2) to simulate a fire in the corridor of the 12th floor of the EWI building at the TU Delft using one or two different game engines In order to complete this assignment I first researched useable game engines and decided to try a total of three game engines. " The Delta3D engine, which has been developed in order to be used for modelling and simulation games. This engine uses C++ as its main language and has been developed in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, though it is also capable of running on Linux. It comes with a particle editor, a viewer (for 3D objects) and STAGE a 3D level editor. Games cannot be run from the editor, for this you must write separate code using the Delta3D API. " The Kaneva engine, which has been developed in order to make quick and easy development of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games possible. It comes with a world editor from which games can build and run. All the networking tasks have already been dealt with and the development kit even comes with an out of the box game server to test the games on. " The Blender Game Engine, this game engine is an integral part of the Blender 3D modelling software. It has been designed for easy use by people who have little to no programming experience. The engine uses logic blocks to get things to work, though further game logic can be added by using Python scripts. I then proceeded to try these three engines. First of all a model had to be build of the corridor on the 12th floor. Due to my lack of modelling skills, this became a model of only part of the 12th floor corridor. The next step was to start programming using the game engines mentioned above. All in all it must be concluded that if the goal is to develop a MMO game, the Kaneva engine is very well suited for this task. For the development of a serious game that has network play, it is better to use a more professional engine as the open source engines require a lot of extra knowledge to get them to work. If the development team is experienced with the required programming logic and the theory and practice of things such as network programming, using the Delta3D or Blender Game engines shouldn't be too much of a problem. Otherwise go for a more developed and better documented engine.

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