Surveillance System Using Abandoned Luggage Detection

title: Surveillance System Using Abandoned Luggage Detection
Calvin Choy
May Chung
Gherry Harahap
Meriane Natadarma
Sin Lin Wu
published in: July, 2007
appeared as: Bachelor of Science thesis
Knowledge Based Systems group
Delft University of Technology
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Many public or open areas are facilitated with cameras at multiple angles to monitor the security of that area for keeping citizens safe. This is known as the surveillance system. At the moment, the best solution to reach a safe environment requires a human operator tools to monitor the digital camera images. Even though human is arguably the most intelligent creatures in this world, there are still some shortcomings in the existing solution.
In addition, the reason increased adaptation of security cameras to survey public areas has caused a digital data explosion that human operators have difficulty to keep up with. Because of these shortcomings, humans keep inventing new discoveries to make the best of it.
In order to support this surveillance system, a recognition and tracking system is built in this project to detect an abandoned luggage in the public transportation area such as train stations and airports.
The goal of this project is to design and implement a system which will be able to detect abandoned luggage using the captured images or videos from the camera as the input of the system. The system realizes image segmentation and image tracking, creates blobs of objects, labels the blobs and finally gives a warning when an abandoned luggage is detected. Also a database is developed to store all the media data.

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