author: Elena Tibrea
published in: May 2002
appeared as: Diploma thesis (BSc)
University Tansilvania of Brasov, Rumania
pages 105
PDF (841 KB)


This paper has been divided in three major parts:

Facial expressions analysis This is the first part of my diploma paper, and it aims to be a survey of the past work in the field of facial expressions analysis.It might be a starting point for those who want to become more familiar with face detection, facial expressions information extraction or facial expressions classification.

Modeling FPDImSys In the beginning, I was naive enough to believe that I could model and than implement a system whoís goal was supposed to be :interpretation of the facial expressions...so, I put some effort in modeling such a system. Finally, the results of modeling and implementation parts, are only suited for : extraction of facial data, which is a subgoal of the initial one. You can find here, a description of the steps Iíve taken so far,naming:choosen method-ology, domain modeling and use case modeling. For modelling the system I have been working with ObjectiF.

Implementation details regarding the system This part of the thesis gives details concerning the implementation of the application.To accomplish this task, Iíve been using Java language, and as an editor Iíve been working with Borland JBuilder 4 Enterprise. I will try to cover the most important programming details, the ones which ensure the functional side of the application.This application will have a user guide and it might be a good idea to read the user guide first 1 .

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