Doing your final Master's thesis work

Students who want to do their final Master's thesis work at the KBS group are free to choose a topic. Usually, this topic is placed within one the research projects of our group. At the moment there are several projects to which you can make a contribution:

  • Intelligent Cockpit Environment (ICE) Project
    The ICE project is investigating techniques that are necessary to create smart interfaces in a dynamic environment. More specifically, the application we are looking at is a pilot in the cockpit. Based on the current situation, the flight plan, the status of the aircraft, and the stress level of the pilot, a decision has to be made which information is most important and what is the best method to help the pilot.

    More information on the ICE project can be found here or contact Patrick Ehlert (room 12.160) or Leon Rothkrantz (12.060).

  • Speech recognition
    To improve existing speech recognizers, we would like to make use of additional information or domain knowledge. Research is necessary to determine the best way to integrate this into the recognition process. Additionally, we are investigating new recognition techniques, besides the more traditional statistical processing, such as lip-reading.

    More information Pascal Wiggers (room 12.160) or Leon Rothkrantz (12.060).

  • Multimodal interfaces
    A lot of research at KBS focuses on multimodal interfaces. These interfaces deal with multiple forms of communication. At the moment we are looking at: More information Maja Pantic (room 12.130), Ioannis Patras (12.140) or Leon Rothkrantz (12.060).

    Besides cooperating with one of the projects above, it is possible to come up with your own proposal for a thesis topic. For more information contact Maja Pantic (room 12.130) or Leon Rothkrantz (12.060).

    You can check out the thesis of students who have already graduated here.
    KBS students who are almost finished with their thesis, please make sure you follow these steps.
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