E.J.H. Kerckhoffs
associate professor

Department of Information Technology and Systems
Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 15 2781315
Fax: +31 15 2787141

Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Eugene Kerckhoffs. I am an Associate Professor of Knowledge Engineering and Neurocomputing at Delft University of Technology (Faculty of Information Technology and Systems (ITS), Department of Technical Informatics, Knowledge-based Systems Group).

Since approximately ten years my research interests and activities cover knowledge engineering and especially neurocomputing. When I started my work at Delft University of Technology in 1970, however, my major field of interest was numeric simulation, more in particular parallel continuous simulation, which kept my attention up to now. Obviously, for me it is interesting to consider the combination of this all : conjoint numeric, symbolic and neural computing.
My teaching activities cover courses in AI and neurocomputing.

Since some research projects were recently finished I am currently involved in another two: Impact-project and NanoComp-project.

See for more details about me my CV and publications.

Last modified on September 14, 1999