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Java IDL adds CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) capability to the JavaTM platform, providing standards-based interoperability and connectivity. Java IDL enables distributed Web-enabled Java applications to transparently invoke operations on remote network services using the industry standard OMG IDL (Object Management Group Interface Definition Language) and IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol) defined by the Object Management Group. Runtime components include a fully-compliant Java ORB for distributed computing using IIOP communication.

To use Java IDL, you need the idltojava compiler, a freely distributed tool for converting IDL interface definitions to Java stub and skeleton files. You can download the idltojava compiler from the Java Developer Connection (JDC). If you haven't done so already, you will be asked to register with the JDC to access the compiler, but there is no cost for membership. The download page gives instructions for downloading the idltojava compiler.


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The OMG is the official source of information for all CORBA and IIOP related information. The CORBA 2.0 Specification is available electronically.

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